Uta no prince sama dating quiz

Uta no prince sama dating quiz

Should you really dislike someone Otoya Ittoki as your system partner. Holds out a rose and pulls you into his arms. Are you scared yet? Eventually there is some lame "plot twist" although there really isn't a plot in either of them to begin with, but I guess there isn't much to complain about considering it really makes no difference. A small, harmless picnic turns into something more challenging when cherries are brought into the picture. He took this as an invitation and planted another on Otoya, opening both of their mouths and forcing his tongue to make contact with Otoya's.

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Uta no prince sama dating quiz

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  1. And what if Syo felt something for his senior half way and Ai feeling new unrecognized emotions towards his junior in the process? It also gets you closer to the idol of your dreams.

  2. Now I know why, it would be too hard to live up with the pressure. According to my data, you are only twenty years old.

  3. What kind of ups and downs those two will experience? Otoya smiled and leaned up to peck Tokiya's sweet lips.

  4. Not everything lasts, and not all childhood relationships are meant to extend into teenage years, especially when you're in love with your best friend. System Partner Newest feature that has fans excited is the System Partner.

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