Sedating the elderly

Sedating the elderly

Generally, this class is only used when a patient is treatment resistant to other antidepressant agents. January Learn how and when to remove this template message A typical drug is midazolam , a short acting benzodiazepine. Ketamine-propofol combination ketofol versus propofol alone for emergency department procedural sedation and analgesia: Pharmacists can be vigilant of comorbidities and medications that potentially increase the risk of depression in the elderly. Without waiting for the final results, state regulators and the industry expanded the program this fall to nursing homes, including 63 with the highest rates of antipsychotic overuse. Other medications to be considered include haloperidol , chlorpromazine , pentobarbital , or propofol.

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History of Sedation

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Sedating the elderly

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  1. I recently lost a dear friend. There are several ways that staff can avoid the use of use of chemical restraints.

  2. ED procedural sedation of elderly patients: Cognitive morbidity is a common complication of hospitalization in elderly patients.

  3. Her agency announced a multiyear education initiative in May, noting that nearly 40 percent of residents with dementia nationwide were receiving antipsychotics though they did not have a condition that would warrant it.

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